About St. Michael’s Hospital Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit

When the St. Michael’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) was built it was a state of the art healthcare facility. But that was 16 years ago. Each year, 600 babies are admitted to the NICU either directly from St. Michael’s or transferred from facilities around the city and across the province. Some are admitted for a few hours, others for many months. Here our most fragile patients and their families are cared for not only for a safe discharge, but to give them a headstart for life.

The facility serves a range of families, providing all with world class care , but St. Michael’s is unique in disproportionately helping babies born to women who are marginalized from mainstream society. Mothers who are HIV-positive, struggle with addiction, have mental health issues, new immigrants, and those who live in poverty are all welcome and their babies are cared for at St. Michael’s.

The healthcare professionals are fantastic not only at delivering great care but coming up with innovative solutions, regardless of their patient’s medical or social circumstances. This specialized care comes at a cost, however, that is not often captured by traditional hospital metrics and therefore goes beyond government funding.

Your support of Malachy’s Soiree and donation to St. Michael’s NICU will help improve the start of life for a child.

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